Where did roulette come from marathonbet casino review

The most common roulette story is chance. The French mathematician Blaise Pascal in the XVII century tried to invent a perpetual motion machine, so the game appeared. However, there is more ancient evidence of games similar to roulette.

For example, in Ancient China, there was a game that included 37 animal figures moving around the site with numbers totaling 666. There is no exact evidence of exactly how the game migrated to  marathonbet casino review and how the square turned into a wheel. However, the sum of the numbers on the modern wheel is 666.

It is also known that soldiers of Ancient Rome and Greece played similar games. The modern casino roulette game includes gameplay from two well-known games of the 17th century – “Poly Roles” and “Even-Odd”. Both included wheel rotation and betting on the result of its torsion. Blaise Pascal was an avid player, and he probably knew about these games when he invented his version of the wheel.

Where did roulette come from marathonbet casino review

The history of European roulette begins  in 1842, when two French entrepreneurs, François and Luis Blanc, removed the double zero from its wheel – now this version of the roulette is best casino in prague called French. They presented their game in Germany, and it was then that the German casinos began to gain their fame.

Together with the settlers in the XIX century, roulette migrated to North America. Here, on the contrary, the two-zero option became popular. Thus began the  history of American roulette.

The main goal of the game is to fight the changeable Lady Luck, bet on a number, combination or color and get a big win for a relatively small bet. The player plays against the casino, and his task is to guess the sector into which the ball will fall when the wheel stops spinning. The same rules in roulette online game.

During the game, participants make various bets: red-black, odd-even, combinations of several numbers or on the number itself. Different bets have different drop probabilities. The lower the probability of loss, the greater the coefficient by which the payout to the winner is multiplied.

There are three main types of roulette:

  • American – with two zeros, 38 sectors on the wheel;
  • European – with one zero, on the wheel 37 sectors;
  • French – with one zero and several other types of bets.

The rules of the game of roulette are quite simple and do not require special memorization. Professional players advise – since you have chosen roulette, then you should play European roulette or French roulette. In these types of games, the advantage of the casino is less than in American roulette. In addition, in the French version of the game, there are two rules that allow you to return part of the money if the ball falls on zero – En Prison and La Partage.