What to do if the casino delays payment

Even if you have chosen a reliable foreign casino, you may have difficulty withdrawing money. This is especially true for those who do not know English well and therefore do not read the rules well. As a result, the support team finds various excuses, and the user for a long time can not cash out the winnings.

What to do if the casino delays payment

The first thing to do is to figure out whether the casino is cheating or just stalling. Just use Yandex or Google to find websites with reviews of your chosen gambling portal. Then look at a few of them for the first 10-20 fidbacks.

You will immediately find out if the casino winnings are being withdrawn. If not, it is better to forget about the lost money. But you can help other players if you create some negative reviews on the forums about the troubled casino with detailed screenshots.

And if the casino pays, but you have problems with withdrawal, also look for help https://rating-casinos.com/ on the forums and other resources. Create threads where the name of the casino and the phrase “problems with payment” will be indicated.

Then send complaints to the casino support team, indicating the links to the created topics. Also write that send a complaint to the regulator, which gave the site a license for gambling activities.

Casinos do not like litigation

What to do if the casino delays payment

Suspicious casinos do not like such proceedings, so they pay the winnings immediately. But after withdrawing the money, do not stay in this casino, or you will lose everything. Better, after withdrawing the winnings, write about an unreliable site a couple of reviews. So you  will not only warn other users, but also undermine the reputation of a cheater.

Unfortunately, if the casino delays payment, the player does not do as described above. Because of dissatisfaction, he puts all the last money in the account, and then may make a few more deposits. Here is the story of one frame, which for unknown reasons, removed this review from the forum:

“Decided to withdraw his money 11.03.2016, and today is 22.03.2016. Casino support either ignores or finds excuses like “Wait”, “Payment is processed. This is not the first time I have had such https://rating-casinos.com/ a situation with this casino. Two months ago I also did not wait for the conclusion. I asked to cancel the withdrawal. When I received the amount back to my account, I immediately withdrew it. After that, one time I was paid a small winnings, and now it’s all deaf again. The rules of the casino clearly stated that payments are made until 12 hours, but I waited more than 10 ten days. The customer service keeps silent. I intend to ruin the reputation of this casino as much as possible and to make it harder for its owner.

It’s hard to understand the logic of the person who wrote this review. The player was not paid the winnings, he decided to merge it, and then again made https://rating-casinos.com/ a deposit and stepped on the same rake.

In general, if you can’t wait for the withdrawal of money, you need to leave your comments on forums, get the withdrawal of the winnings, and then forget about this gaming portal forever.