Stacked Wild – prize function features

Wild is a special symbol familiar to all fans of online machines. There are different types of it, in new games are often found stacked wild symbols – they are formed on the screen as a solid strip. It looks like Wild Wilds Expanding, but in this case, the pictures are not able to take up the whole screen, but only the reel or part of it. This option significantly increases the chances of winning.

Stacked Wild: features of use

Unlike bonus rounds, Composite Wild Symbols do not require a player to fulfill special conditions for their activation. The function can be included in the main game or additional game. The machine may have several varieties of Wild. To use composite wildcard top online casino you need to know what:

  • On one reel can be from three or more Stacked Wild behind your back;
  • Payment for them is calculated according to general rules, the winning odds are usually much higher than the cost of ordinary symbols;
  • Stacked Wild does not fall frequently on short and medium distances.

Composite wild symbols are designed to diversify the gameplay. This is not an alternative to the usual Wilds, Scatters, and even more so – Frispinami and bonus rounds. This is a nice addition to other special characters and slot options. This option is present in games such as Sturburst, Game of Thrones, Space Wars.