Online gambling sites in Spain

The Spaniards are one of the most gambling nations in the world, with the first lottery being organized here back in 1812. In 1977, the Spanish government decided to legally regulate gambling including casino zaragoza. At first it applied only to skill-based gambling, and as early as 1981 slot machines and other similar gambling entertainment were legalized. In the early 80s, more than a dozen operators were licensed to open casinos in Spain. Note for visitors to our online gambling catalog that today the Spanish gambling industry is on the rise. The country has more than 60 casinos and about a quarter of a million slot machines. It is worth noting that most of the gambling establishments offer a very popular among the local population poker. As for sports betting, they are the second most popular in the country after lotteries and bingo.

In 2012, new legislative changes came into force, including the regulation of online casino operators, including casino zaragoza as well as the establishment of penalties for the organization of illegal gambling. Regulator of the gambling industry in the country is the General Directorate of Gambling Regulation (Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego). The main functions of the agency are to issue licenses, monitor the operation of gambling establishments, as well as the imposition of fines in case of illegal activities.

Online gambling in Spain
For a long time, there were no specific laws controlling online gambling sites in Spain. However, starting in 2002, the Spanish government began to move towards the regulation and legalization of online gambling sites and their mobile versions. This led to the passage of the relevant Spanish online gambling law, which finally created a framework for licensing operators.

The law came into force in June 2012, and since then more than 70 gambling operators have been licensed. However, tough rules and a 25% tax have left many operators out of business, yet the country’s online gambling market is thriving. Until recently, online slot machines were banned in Spain. But lawmakers decided to change this, and at the end of July 2014 online slots got the green light.