Danger of marathonbet casino mobile

The danger in this roulette casino strategy is that you can move into debt very easily if you don’t have enough money to double it further. If a roulette player in marathonbet casino mobile example had only 100€, he would have gone home with less than 80€.

In addition, it is not uncommon for the same color to fall 8 or 10 times in a row. In this respect, the wallet needs endurance. There are 2 ways to avoid this problem:

If you have some money, make a small bet in the first round. If a player in our example would start with 2€, then by the fifth round the amount would be 32€.

However, the biggest threat in the casino for strategy martingale is the game room itself.

Danger of marathonbet casino mobile

It is necessary to know about the dangers of the system, and for this, there are the main 3 defense mechanisms of the gaming room:

Prohibition on doubling: Special software recognizes when a roulette player starts playing martingale tactics, and security officers ask the person to leave.

Maximum betting: Roulette has a rule: the lowest bet of €15 and the highest bet of €1000, which can guarantee that the Martingale system will not work from Round 7. Although the doubling scheme here is quite legal.

Doubling the upper limit: In this variant, the roulette player can only double his bet 5 times in a row, making a casino martingale strategy almost Marathon Bet impossible, even if the doubling principle is legal.