Chips in casinos: where do they come from and why are they needed?

Tokens, which are used in best online casinos in spain, are one of the most incredible inventions in casino history. They made calculations in gambling houses much easier and players did not need to carry paper money with them.

Online casinos also use chips, but virtual ones. With their help, players make bets and receive winnings. Let’s consider in more detail what they are used for.

What are chips in casinos?

Chips are conventional currency, which is represented in the form of small tokens. They are a great alternative to real money. Each token is equivalent to a certain amount of money.

Colored Casino chips on a white background

Such tokens first appeared in the early 19th century, when card games became popular. Gradually chips began to be used in roulette and other gambling entertainment. Online, they are virtual and help players to make bets in best online casinos spain.

Denominations of chips.

It is customary to divide them by color. There is an international nomenclature of such tokens, which should be the same in all casinos.

White chip is equal to $1.

Red – $5

Blue – $10

Green – 25 dollars

Black equals $100.

Magenta is $500.

Orange – $1000.

Why do I need chips?

During gambling chips allow you to make bets without using real bills. They can be virtual or real. Users use them to play poker, roulette, and other games of chance. After winning, players exchange these tokens for real money at the same denomination, which is indicated on the chip.

Some slots indicate what may be the minimum and maximum denomination of the chip. And although modern players are increasingly choosing online casinos, where chips have changed, they are still the basis of gambling entertainment. With their help the game will be more convenient and comfortable.