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1. Fuji QuickSnap Flash Disposable Single Use Camera 1000-27 Exp

2. KODAK Max HQ Flash Disposable Single Use Camera 27 Exp

3. Fuji QuickSnap Smart Flash Disposable Single Use Camera 800-27 Exp

4. EPSON Premium Presentation Paper Matte A3 11.7 x 16.5 50 sheets

5. EPSON PremierArt Matte Scrapbook Photo Paper album size 10 sheets

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Diversified Imaging Supply

Welcome to Diversified Imaging Supply

Introducing the Epson D3000
Epson SureLab D-3000 Single Roll Edition Epson SureLab D-3000 Dual Roll Edition
Epson’s SureLab D3000 takes your business to the next level with speed, superior quality and cost savings on every print!  With speeds up to 650 prints per hour, Epson UltraChrome D6 ink technology produces prints with a level of clarity and sharpness that appears almost three-dimensional.  Epson redefines the future of photo lab printing!
Epson Rebate Center


Diversified Imaging Supply provides the best in both digital drylab and traditional wet lab solutions for Image Makers nationwide. We are the nation’s largest and oldest distributor for Trebla/Cpac chemistry and additionally carry most of the major brands including: Kodak, Fujifilm, Mitsubishi, Agfa and DNP in wet lab products.

Regarding Dry Process, including digital inkjet and dye sub, we are extensive distributors for equipment, media and inks/ribbons for Fuji Platinum Plus, Epson inkjet, Shinko, DNP and HP. Additionally, we offer digital media in the following brands: Ilford (also traditional paper), Intelicoat (Magic Inkjet and Magiclee), Hahnemuhle, and Moab. There's no better place to shop for cheap inkjet cartridges.

We know that your time is valuable in today’s changing marketplace. Efficient service, on-time delivery and price point are critical factors in choosing, or staying with a supplier for your lab materials and disposable cameras. Diversified offers direct shipping from one of our 3 warehouses in CA, MN & SC, and on average, we can deliver to your door on a 1-2 day shipping lane. The bottom line is this: Diversified, its leadership and staff, are absolutely committed to providing you with the best service, delivery that meets your needs and the fairest, most consistent pricing in the industry. No challenge is too big for us, no order too small, so whether you're looking for several printers or just a couple disposable party cameras, we're here to help!

Your Success is Our Success!

(English and Spanish speaking staff available)

DNP PrintRush EC Dye Sublimation Photographic Kiosk
See details
DNP PrintRush EC Dye Sublimation Photographic Kiosk

A economical and complete compact digital printing center for fast and easy digital prints. The PrintRush™EC is built for self-service with up to three on-board DS printers housed in a space-saving, accessible enclosure. Price varies according to number of printers please call

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Call 1-800-544-1609 for LOW pricing!

DNP NexLab 1000 Digital Dye Sublimation Minilab
See details
DNP NexLab 1000 Digital Dye Sublimation Minilab

NexLab™ digital minilabs from DNP Photo Imaging America are the first dye sublimation minilabs that include back print capabilities. Price varies according to the number of printers starting at $10,195

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Call 1-800-544-1609 for LOW pricing!



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